【Vietcabin is the media can introduce deep Vietnam trip】

【To be transaction media between Vietnam and all over the world】
We aim to be the tourism media which can promote “the real Vietnam” to the world then connect Vietnam with the people from all over the world. Who knows you could try to pick pineapples picking in full range pineapple garden, who knows what is the main soul of Vietnamese foods…etc.  In Vietnam, there are many charms which normally we still do not know. We would like you to report these things through our Vietcabin.com. This is our dream.

What is Veit cabin?

Simply translation of this is “Vietnams train”. In Vietnam, not only in tourism destinations but also on normal days in the city we can find many colorful views. This is like an experience to ride on the train, we can see many types of new things in Vietnam Rapidly. We wish we Viet cabin want to be kind of media which visitors can enjoy our contents like watching many types of landscapes from the window of a train in Vietnam.

Media Concept

We would like to make simple designs as well, and still, we want to post colorful images and contents of Vietnam trips. We are trying to post contents which visitors can enjoy to be able to do simulated experiences. In the future. We will start to promote many Vietnam products by the EC system and to organize events as well. And we want to starts to sell distinct and distinguished tour products which only we can provide for you. We gaze at being a more comprehensive platform between the Vietnam market and the international market.